Unique culture of NY bars

The science of what makes a good bar has been debated and stretched and tested by thousands of venues across the country for as long as they have existed. Barrow Street Ale House has hit a lot of the positive qualities with a great atmosphere, unique history, and variety of flavors to suit any personality.… read more

The difference a full service bar makes

When spending an evening out with friends, there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration – transportation, meeting place, food, drinks, and entertainment. Barrow Street Ale House is the one place that you can have everything today; each night of the week they have different specials, craft beers, and a full… read more

NYU bars make for weekend hot spots

Barrow Street Ale House is one of the best locations for weekend entertainment. It makes the list of NYU bars that are worth checking out and spending time at with friends and peers. It makes a great place to catch up on social events and de-stress from school or work.… read more

A tour of NY bars

A cultured tour of historic NY bars has a lot of interesting locations to offer. No tour would be complete without a stop to Barrow Street Ale House. Through the years, the building has been many things, and now enjoys a flourishing existence as a great spot for meeting friends, enjoying the game, and eating… read more

Full service bar with wide selection

A great night out with friends has all the elements – great food, games, music, and a selection of drinks at special prices. Barrow Street Ale House is the place to be every night of the week for fun and entertainment. They are a full service bar with craft beers and a complete menu that… read more

NYU bars make great meeting places

For college students, getting to know their fellows outside of a school setting is a great way to ensure a full college experience. Barrow Street Ale House provides great meals, drinks, and entertainment, making it an ideal location for meeting up with friends. NYU bars outside of the college campus make for great weekend beginnings… read more