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Historical NY bars

Throughout the country’s long past, Barrow Street Ale House has stood in various forms. From its beginnings as a stable and carriage house to restaurant and then jazz club, it has evolved into one of the most popular NY bars. Stop in today for their fun and exciting atmosphere, and enjoy a happy hour special.… read more

Full service bar open late

When you’re out for a night of fun with friends, it can last longer than most restaurants are open. Fortunately, there is Barrow Street Ale House, with happy hours, open late, and with a fun atmosphere. This full service bar offers a complete menu, and their kitchen is open into the small hours of the… read more

Why NYU bars are important

Going to college out of town is one of the most stressful things a young person can go through. It helps to have NYU bars to escape to after the pressures of making new friends while making the grade. Barrow Street Ale House offers a uniquely suited atmosphere of fun and excitement to help in… read more

Complete your evening at a grub pub

For a fun evening out, bars usually are the last stop to finish drinks before going home. With a grub pub, however, you can both begin and end your night out with a full menu for dinner, and drinks on tap. Barrow Street Ale House has a kitchen that is open late and specials every… read more

What makes NY bars different?

Bars, pubs, taverns, ale houses, and the like are very similar all around the world, no matter where you go. So what makes NY bars different from the rest? As soon as you visit Barrow Street Ale House, you will see the difference in atmosphere that gives it a distinctive New York flavor.… read more

NYU bars bring in the fun

The strict structure of college life, and the stress associated with it, means students heading back to school this fall could use the relaxing atmosphere of NYU bars. The fun and energizing locations provide much needed stress-relief for students beginning the year, and a place to meet new people. Barrow Street Ale House attracts all… read more

Enjoy Fun Bars in NYC

Going out with friends for a night on the town is always a special occasion. Make a stop at Barrow Street Ale House for the best in bar entertainment, good food, and even better drinks. Their daily happy hours and specials make this one of the most fun bars in NYC.… read more

Grub pub has style

When people think of a grub pub or bar, typically what comes to mind is greasy burgers and a tiny basket of wings. The menu at Barrow Street Ale House is much more extensive. They offer a full menu with selections for every taste, and their kitchen is open late every night.… read more