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More than a typical full service bar

When most people thing of bar food, greasy burgers and crumbly peanuts are generally what come to mind. Most bars don’t have the kind of atmosphere needed for a nice sit-down meal. Barrow Street Ale House is different. Their drink selection includes over a dozen craft beers and specials every night of the week. They… read more

History of fun bars in NYC

People are naturally social creatures, and crave spending time with others in a fun and exciting environment. As soon as civilizations began, there was always a meeting or gathering place for people to get together. Business became involved, and people could soon barter or purchase refreshment while they socialized. This practice became more refined in… read more

NYU bars bring people together

One of the most special events of camaraderie in the college experience is sports games. Nothing brings young people from all over the country together more than cheering on their school’s team to victory. This time in life is mostly exciting for people who are leaving everything they’ve known for new experiences. Making new friends… read more

Grub pub delivers the best

For a night out with friends, nothing beats a great time at a fun bar. Craft beers on tap, games, and sports on television all make for an entertaining evening. For those nights where you want great food but don’t want to leave, your options can be limited. Rather than be limited to what you… read more

NY bars topped by the best

Barrow Street Ale House is a treasure of colonial New York. The building itself is quite old, and has gone through many transformations in its time. Form a carriage house to nightclub to sports bar, its rich history makes it one of the most unique NY bars around. Their kitchen is open late very night,… read more

Full service bar offers daily specials

Everyone knows that one of the best things about bars is the Happy Hour specials. Generally, happy hour lasts for more than one hour and offers great deals and specials on menu items. Barrow Street Ale House is no exception, as their happy hour lasts nearly all day and again for all night. On weeknights,… read more

NYU bars add culture to experience

Part of going to college out of state is to get new experiences. Leaving your family and everything you have knowing in pursuit of something new is one of the greatest experiences a young person can have. New York is a great place to get a melting pot of culture and new things to do… read more

Fun bars in NYC make for an exciting trip

The atmosphere of New York City is one of fun and excitement that never stops. It is home to theater productions, nightclubs, parties, and bars with events happening all day and all night. It is the utmost vacation spot for people looking to keep busy, try new things, and meet interesting people. Fun bars in… read more

Grub pub adds variety to a night out

When out with friends, finding a place to eat that suits everyone’s tastes can be tricky. In addition to the food served, the atmosphere must suit the energy level and preferences for the group. In New York City, groups going out for the night are often loud and happy, which some restaurants do not appreciate.… read more

NY bars are a main hub for interactions

It makes sense for New York to be a centralized location for all kinds of social interactions. It was one of the first great cities of the nation, and served as a main entry point for thousands of immigrants in the early years. It has always maintained a welcoming atmosphere and a tolerance for all… read more