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NYU Bars support local brews

Most small businesses have a difficult first few years to get their name out into the world and market their product or service. It helps to have the support of other nearby businesses promoting their product to make a difference in the established population. Most NYU bars will provide a selection of craft beers for their… read more

Fun Bars in NYC for those who stay up late

New York is called the City that Never Sleeps for a good reason. Similar to Las Vegas, there is always something to do at all hours of the day and night, and someone is awake doing those things. While being up all night can throw off humans’ natural Circadian rhythm, some people function better in… read more

Grub pub with more than traditional fare

The term “grub pub” brings to mind a certain atmosphere and a particular kind of food. Usually characterized by greasy burgers with a side of salty fries, fried chicken strips, and plenty of beer. While this can be true of some locations, Barrow Street Ale House offers a much wider variety of food and drink… read more

Historic NY Bars

Century old buildings often have a lot of charm and great stories that go along with their lifetimes. Barrow Street Ale House began its life in 1897, when it was built as a carriage house and stable by Conrad Schaper. Schaper’s business was hauling goods in a horse-drawn carriage, and the building was used as… read more

Full service bar key to a fun night out

There are several key ingredients to a successful night out with friends. Good food, good drinks, and entertainment are sure to keep the party going for a long time. When most people think of bars, the drinks are the first thing that come to mind. A regular bar can provide a variety of mixed drinks… read more

NYU Bars

Every high school and college student knows that the end of the school year is both a cause for celebration and a source of dread. One the one hand, the hard work is nearly over, and the warm weather beckons, but the hard-stop of finals looming means that students are forced to remain indoors and… read more

Tips for finding fun bars in NYC

In this modern age of technology, finding fun bars in NYC has never been easier. While word of mouth is still the most important promoter of a location, people looking to have a good time now also have the assistance of the Internet to find a good hangout spot for the evening. Some sites list… read more